November 18

8 intervals. 24 hours. A free virtual event open for everyone — everywhere!


November 18

8 intervals. 24 hours. A free virtual event open for everyone — everywhere!

A FREE virtual event

presented by pace on earth

Run a 10K every 3 hours over a 24-hour period (everyone starts at the same time, regardless of where you are on our planet), complete some fun challenges along the way and post your results using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Depending on where you live, you start either on November 17 or 18. #ultraintervalchallenge is a great way to train endurance and determination — perfect for aspiring ultrarunners and anyone who’s in for a challenge! 

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Show the world that you can take on a challenge — and that you care about nature. Order your very own Ultra Interval Challenge T-shirt made from 100% Eco Friendly Organic Cotton. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

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Run with love

Today, more than ever, we need to express love.
To live in harmony with nature and all human beings on this planet may not be the easiest task,
but the most important one. Acts of kindness and trust, and to love and care for one another,
will always overcome hate and fear. So let’s spread the energy of love! 

This is why we love Ultra Running
When we run, we challenge ourselves. And in every challenge there is a possibility for change.
If you manage to go outside of your comfort zone, even if it’s just in running,
you continue through life with the new experience that you can grow. And change things to the better.
Ultra Interval Challenge offers a huge challenge, and who knows, if you dare take on this challenge,
maybe together we can change the world?

Why "Run with Love”?
We hope to inspire you to share the warmth and energy you get from running.
From being brave, from achieving your goals and from growing. 
We hope to inspire you to Run with Love.