the contest

During #ultraintervalchallenge everyone has the chance to win a great prize, regardless of where in the world you live! Every interval has its own theme and challenge, follow the instructions carefully. You compete by posting a picture, video or text to the wall on the Facebook event, on your Instagram or Twitter (make sure your account is public so we can see your post). Be creative and have fun :-)


INTERVAL 1 - Be prepared: winner Sven-Anders Bergström.
INTERVAL 2 - It is all mental: winner John Burton.
INTERVAL 3 - Awareness: winner Tom Stephan Jensen.
INTERVAL 4 - Greetings: winner Lisa Engelke.
INTERVAL 5 - Energy: winner Tomas Stöt.
INTERVAL 6 - Can you handle whatever comes your way?: winner Malin Larsson.
INTERVAL 7 - Best pep-talk: winner Line Kolbe.
INTERVAL 8 - Celebration times: winner Anna Malmborg.

If you're one of the lucky winners, please send an email with your contacts to

And for all of you not so lucky (but we're all still winners, right?), you can go ahead and order your own bag or an Ultra Interval T-shirt or both at

INTERVAL 1 - Be prepared!

When taking on a big challenge, the preparations (or lack of preparations!) may be what define success or failure. Show us how you prepare for #ultraintervalchallenge!

Post a picture, and tag your post with #interval1 and #ultraintervalchallenge.

Prize: a practical bag from Pace on Earth Shop so that you always can bring your necessities.

INTERVAL 2 - it is all mental

To do the #ultraintervalchallenge we have to have mental strength. We have to believe in ourselves and believe that we can do it. In this challenge and this event we can support each other to go beyond our limits. Share your best experience, and tips and tricks for mental strength! 

Please share - we will need it! <3

Tag your photo, post or film with #interval2 and #ultraintervalchallenge.

Prize: a bag from Pace on Earth Shop, that is not only the perfect size for just about anything, it also carries an inspirational quote.

INTERVAL 3 - Awareness

We are sleepy…! How do you keep your focus and awareness during a long challenge?
Do you stay awake or how do you sleep between intervals? We still don’t know the right solution so please help us figure it out!

Tag your post with #interval3 and #ultraintervalchallenge

Prize: a bag from Pace on Earth Shop, that is perfect for covering your eyes if you need to take a nap at any time during the day!

INTERVAL 4  - Greetings

As worn by Núria Picas, the queen of ultratrail!

This is one of our favourite contests! We want to get to know you, and feel the energy from the great ultrarunning community all over the world!
Say hi with a nice video message — send us your hello and tell us something crazy/funny/strange about yourself so we get to know you better! And if you'd happen to get a little stage fright, don't worry, just post a picture instead!

Don't forget to tag your film with #interval4 and #ultraintervalchallenge.

Prize: an environmentally friendly bag from Pace on Earth Shop, to show everyone that you’re part of a great community.

INTERVAL 5 - Energy

Making your body move for 24 hours takes some skill! When you’re an ultra runner, finding energy that works for you is crucial.

How do you manage your energy? Post a pic and tell us a bit about your energy plan (if you have one!). What do you eat, drink and breathe during this challenge?

Tag your post with #interval5 #ultraintervalchallenge.

Prize: an extremly practical bag from Pace on Earth Shop, one that can carry all the energy you need (at least for one interval!).

INTERVAL 6 - Can you handle whatever comes your way?

In some parts of the world, at this time of the year, it can be rather cold. We are always striving to do our best regardless the surrounding conditions.
How do you handle difficult circumstances like cold, heat, rain, high altitude, wild animals, zombies running after you or aliens blocking your path? We figure one of the most difficult obstacles to handle, would be a celebrity like Núria Picas inviting you for a drink, instead of running the remaining intervals...

Tag your post with #interval6 and #ultraintervalchallenge.

Prize: a bag from Pace on Earth Shop that is perfect for bringing your hat and gloves (or maybe some other items you might need for protection!).

INTERVAL 7 - Best pep-talk

This might be the hardest interval. Now we need all possible support! Dance! Sing a song! Write a poem! Whatever it takes to spread the energy we need to continue around the world! What is your best pep-talk?

Be creative and tag your post with #interval7 and #ultraintervalchallenge.

Prize: a beautiful bag from Pace on Earth Shop, that shows everyone that you know how to go beyond...

INTERVAL 8 - Celebration times!

WE did it! YOU did it! No matter if you ran 80 k today or if you set a new personal best by completing 5 intervals — we’re all winners. Worth a selfie, right? Show us how you celebrate! Post a picture, let us know what challenge you completed and tag your post with #interval8 and #ultraintervalchallenge.

Prize: a beautiful bag from Pace on Earth Shop, perfect for bringing your party drinks!

For anyone who doesn't believe in luck, you can of course buy the bag directly from the Pace on Earth Shop, among many other essential products — all carefully selected to make your running a little bit nicer and shave some of those rough edges off a hard night out (in running shoes, that is! :) )