the contest

During #ultraintervalchallenge everyone has the chance to win prizes from our sponsors, regardless of where in the world you live! Every interval has its own theme and challenge, follow the instructions carefully. You compete by posting a picture, video or text to the wall on the Facebook event, on your Instagram or Twitter (make sure your account is public so we can see your post). Be creative and have fun :-)

Winners will be announced Wednesday November 21st on the Facebook event page.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to win great prizes from our sponsors! Good luck!

INTERVAL 1 - Be prepared!

Get ready for the adventure! #lasportiva_sverige #paceonearth

Sponsor La Sportiva

The La Sportiva Trail Glove is a technical glove designed for trail running, ideal to wear in the cooler months.

  • Built in over-glove with integrated stow pocket for additional protection

  • Key pocket

  • Smartphone touch sensitivity in index finger

When taking on a big challenge, the preparations (or lack of preparations!) may be what makes the difference between success or failure. Show us how you prepare for #ultraintervalchallenge! Post a picture, and tag your post with #interval1 and #ultraintervalchallenge.


  • 2 winners get a pair of Trail Gloves from La Sportiva
    (worth 440 SEK)

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INTERVAL 2 - Going beyond

Sponsor Pace on Earth

#LovingTheAdventureOfGoingBeyond #paceonearth

#LovingTheAdventureOfGoingBeyond #paceonearth

Ultrarunning offers a different challenge for everyone. And to participate in #ultraintervalchallenge, you have to have a special kind of mental strength. In this event we can support each other to go beyond our limits.

Share your best experience, and tips and tricks for mental strength! Tell us how you manage this tough challenge!
Tag your photo, post or film with #interval2 and #ultraintervalchallenge


  • 2 winners get the beautiful and environmental friendly bag “Loving the adventure of going beyond” from Pace on Earth (worth 219 SEK)

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Hydro Flask with Insulated Sport Cap

INTERVAL 3 - Greetings

Sponsor Hydro Flask

“Colder. Hotter. Longer. Happier. The Hydro Flask TempShield™ vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, hour after hour”.

This is one of our favorite contests! We want to get to know you and learn why you are doing this! Best case would be to meet you all, but the next best thing is a nice video message — send us your hello and tell us why you are doing the Ultra Interval Challenge! Don't forget to tag your post with #interval3 and #ultraintervalchallenge


  • 2 winners get a Hydro Flask with Sport Cap
    (worth 420 SEK)

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INTERVAL 4  - Awareness


Sponsor Rad Roller

How do you manage to keep your focus and awareness during a long challenge? One trick is to really focus on how your body feels — and maybe give it a bit of extra attention if needed. Maybe a quick nap? Or some extra massage?

Tell us if you have trouble keeping your focus or not! Do you stay awake throughout the whole event, or do you take a quick nap in between intervals?

Tag your post with #interval4 and #ultraintervalchallenge


  • 2 winners get a RAD Roller
    (worth 299 SEK)

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Sponsor Picky Bars

Why choose one flavor when you can get them all? Picky Bars are gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO free. Balanced with athletes in mind, but great anytime.

Making your body move for 24 hours takes some skill. When you’re an ultra runner, finding energy that works for you is crucial. How do you manage your energy? Post a pic and tell us a bit about your energy plan (if you have one!). What’s your energy? Tag your post with #interval5 and #ultraintervalchallenge.


  • 2 winners get a pack with 12 different Picky Bars
    (worth 360 SEK)

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INTERVAL 6 - YOUR FAvorite run


Sponsor Altra Running

Zero Drop, Foot-shaped Toe-Box and just the right amount of cushioning? That sounds like Altra!

And of course you should wear your favorite shoes when going on your favorite run! Show us (or tell us about) your favorite run! It may be the short trail close to your home, or a long adventurous run you’ve once made… It doesn’t matter, but what matters is why you love this run!

Tag your post with #interval6 and #ultraintervalchallenge


  • 2 winners get a pair of Altra Running Shoes

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#oofos #feeltheoo

#oofos #feeltheoo

Sponsor OOFOS

“We never felt this good before walking around town, the days after a 50-hour-plus-race... OOFOS are great for recovery!”
—Ellen & Johnny after Diagonale des Fous, 2018

When you’re finished with this challenge, what do you look forward to the most? Is it a long bath, a good night’s sleep or maybe slipping into your OOFOS? Whatever it is, let us know! Share your best tips for a quick recovery!

Be creative and tag your post with #interval7 and #ultraintervalchallenge.


  • 2 winners get a pair of recovery sandals from OOFOS
    (worth 500 SEK)

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Sponsors Petzl


Petzl e+LITE is an ultralight, waterproof and very compact little headlamp that casts 50 lumens and is a must in the emergency kit. This is the ideal “second headlamp” for all your ultralong races. It sports up to 70 hours of light and works well in -30 degrees C.

Wow, we’re almost there! We can see the light! No matter if you’re on your way to complete 80 k, or if you set a new personal best by completing 4 intervals — we’re all winners. This is worth a selfie! Show us how you celebrate! Post a picture, let us know what challenge you completed and tag your post with #interval8 and #ultraintervalchallenge.


  • 2 winners get a Petzl e+LITE
    (worth 375 SEK)

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