November 18 2017

8 intervals. 24 hours. A free virtual event open for everyone — everywhere!


November 18 2017

8 intervals. 24 hours. A free virtual event open for everyone — everywhere!

What is Ultra interval challenge?

A FREE virtual event presented by pace on earth

Run a 10K every 3 hours over a 24-hour period (everyone starts at the same time, regardless of where you are on our planet), complete some fun challenges along the way and post your results using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Depending on where you live, you start on different times.  #ultraintervalchallenge is a great way to train endurance and determination — perfect for aspiring ultrarunners and anyone who’s in for a challenge! 



Win the bag worn by Núria Picas!

This is a super-nice, practical, beautiful, and environmentally friendly bag and it can be yours during the contest. Now you can be just like superstar Núria Picas and who doesn't want that, right? 

Winners of the 18th of November edition:

INTERVAL 1 - Be prepared: winner Sven-Anders Bergström.
INTERVAL 2 - It is all mental: winner John Burton.
INTERVAL 3 - Awareness: winner Tom Stephan Jensen.
INTERVAL 4 - Greetings: winner Lisa Engelke.
INTERVAL 5 - Energy: winner Tomas Stöt.
INTERVAL 6 - Can you handle whatever comes your way?: winner Malin Larsson.
INTERVAL 7 - Best pep-talk: winner Line Kolbe.
INTERVAL 8 - Celebration times: winner Anna Malmborg.

If you're one of the lucky winners, please send an email with your contacts to

For anyone who doesn't believe in luck, you can of course buy the bag directly from the Pace on Earth Shop, among many other essential products — all carefully selected to make your running a little bit nicer and shave some of those rough edges off a hard night out (in running shoes, that is! :) )

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